Wear your tech passion

Wear your tech passion

Why limit your creativity to the digital world? Here are three examples of tech-themed apparel, made by badass women in tech.

1. Git it, gurl

Amy Wibowo's pink, git-themed t-shirts and jackets don't hold back. "Because femmes belong in tech. Because femininity is not antithetical to engineering and logic," the shop proclaims. In any other context, their candy-sweet aesthetic would appear demure or innocent. In tech, though, the overt femininity of the clothes is bold and defiant.

Wibowo is the founder and author of BubbleSort Zines, a Kickstarter-backed venture to explain technical topics with accessible illustrations. The zines – like "How Does The Internet" – are playful and charming. Although they were originally intended for high school girls, Wibowo's loud, femme-empowered brand has found a wide audience.

2. Bad password fabric

Lorrie Cranor is the Chief Technologist of the Federal Trade Commission, a professor of computer science at CMU, and the designer of a famous series of "bad password" fabrics. Dr. Cranor has worn the fabric to the Grace Hopper conference and "a couple of briefings I gave to Congressional staff on Capitol Hill."

The fabric features the most popular passwords from the Rockyou.com data breach and is available on Spoonflower. Although Dr. Cranor's dress is perhaps the most famous bad password apparel, her friends and colleagues have made t-shirts, scarves, and ties with the fabric (photos.)

3. Malware disassembly dress

Amanda Rousseau — a well-known malware researcher — designed and produced a malware-themed dress. Rousseau designed and ordered fabric with a malware disassembly theme, and then sewed the dress for herself.

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