5 gifs to explain machine learning

5 gifs to explain machine learning

2017 is the year of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Sundar Pichai keeps talking about it: "One of the most exciting things we can all do is demystify machine learning and AI. It's important for this to be accessible by all people."

Despite all this buzz, there is an alarming lack of machine learning gifs. We dusted off Photoshop to bring you five fresh gifs for decorating your design docs, slide decks, and snarky tweets.

1. The Gob Bluth

When you need everyone to know you got skills.


2. Double, double toil and trouble

When the power of TensorFlow has gone to your head.


3. Fairy dust

When you throw unsupervised learning at a problem and hope for the best. Does it work? Who knows; there's no ground truth. More glitter, please.

4. The magician

When you got it working. Aww yeah. Look at that area under the ROC curve.

5. Look what I made

When you realize that you don't know why it works... but no one else does, either.

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